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If you have a question that's not answered here, please drop me a line using the contact form at the bottom of the page!

Q: What will each portrait session consist of?

I wouldn't really call my time with you a 'photo shoot', as that implies more direction and involvement from me. The goal is to shadow you as discreetly as possible (for this project I am using a smaller camera and lens, not the usual beast you'd see me use at a Findacure event!) and take photos of you going about your business, whatever that may be on the day. I will actually ask you to ignore me most of the time! I might ask some questions along the way just to get an idea for what you're doing if it's not clear, but otherwise I won't do any elaborate setting up of shots.

The one exception will be one close-up portrait (head & shoulders) which will tie each story together in a consistent style and will set the scene for the rest of the pictures. These will still be taken as naturally as possible but I will give you some direction and ask you to look into the lens for me.

Q: Where and how will the photos and write-ups be used?

The content will be used in the context of the 1 in 17 project, on this website, social media, and any other digital or printed media where the opportunity arises to showcase it - after all, the goal is to raise awareness! 

The pictures will also be provided upon request to any UK-based rare disease charities that may wish to republish them to raise awareness or donations. I will never give permission to use the images out of context of the project or for any commercial or for-profit use.

Q: There's already been someone featured who has the same disease as me. Can I still participate?

While I'd love to feature each and every person who contacts me, I work two jobs so unfortunately my time for the project is limited. As such I've taken the difficult decision to focus on a different disease each time, to ensure we cover as wide a range of different conditions as possible, and raise awareness of the whole spectrum that exists for rare diseases, from the relatively common (as far as rare goes of course!) to the extremely rare. If you're not the first person with your disease to contact me, please don't feel discouraged by any means - you can still help immensely by sharing the stories on your social media, and telling friends and strangers about it! :-)

Q: I'd like to share / republish your content on my own website/blog, how can I do that?

It's awesome that you want to share the content - of course we'd be really happy for you to do so.
You can do this under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License with clear context provided for the image(s) as being a part of the 1 in 17 Portrait Project. If you're not sure what this means, just drop me a line!

Q: Do I need to sign something if I'd like to get involved?

I'll just ask you to sign a simple form to confirm your consent for the photography to take place and for the images to be used and edited by me for the purposes of the project.

Q: Are you making money out of this?

No! This is an entirely self funded project, not for profit and not for commercial purposes. Any financial gains it achieves will be through donations directly to Findacure and other charities that readers may wish to make.

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